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Ropes Course Solutions has many years of experience in designing, inspecting, training and in maintenance of parks in Europe. These years of experience have convinced us that good responsible ownership of an adventure park or ropes course isn’t just offering exciting challenges or a large variety of elements at several heights. For good responsible ownership, a clear organisational structure and a well-educated, trained and assessed team is just as important. They are the ones creating your parks trusted and professional reputation.




Ropes Course Solutions isn’t only specialised in offering advice and support in design and construction, we supply a complete, fully balanced, made to measure product. We see ourselves more as a partner, offering advice and support for your project. Our involvement doesn’t stop with the completion of your adventure concept!






As your supporting partner from the start of your project, taking care of the design, inspection, education and training of your new park and its staff from within our organisation, we are fully aware of your expectation and your philosophy behind your chosen concept. As such we can seamlessly match your expectations and the specialities you would like to offer within your park.


Our highly educated and very experienced team and our broad spectrum of specialities in design, realisation, development, training and knowledge in the diversity of materials and continues safety systems contribute to our ability to offer you a complete package of support.




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